Bootleggers Wikia

1. Buyers coming to the farm. Their orders are small and simple, you can get quick money.

2. Pickup. Available on the map from level 2 in the Farm zone (marked with green). Local buyers pick their order by themselves.

MAP Tunnels

3. Shipping to other cities. To do this, you need to buy a truck. It is available from level 10. To send a truck on the map, you need to choose one of the three paths leading to the destination. You receive the money for the order when the truck comes back to the farm. During the delivery, the goods can be arrested by the police. In this case you have to pay a bribe to the Sheriff.

4. Tom Dollar - Sometimes comes to the farm to sell seeds and other resources, and also buys any kind of alcohol and seeds with a 50% discount.

5. Clan orders - Once a week on the map in the Clan Zone, a large Order appears, and it should be fulfilled by all of participants. Players get experience, money, gold and 2 clans rating points. If order was not fully made in time, the points and gold would not be awarded, but experience and money are distributed to each player according to his participation.