Bootleggers Wikia
  1. The main character - The character directly controlled by the player. Carries a weapon, bulletproof vest and other weapon.
  2. Buyers:

- Lisa - representative of a neighbouring village, buys small amounts of alcohol for the needs of local people.

- Johnny Alco - this alcoholic is always ready to buy some barrels.

- Tom Dollar - A trader, buys any alcohol at half-price. Also he is a seed supplier.

3. Bosses

All bossRAN

They buy large amount of alcohol with shipping to other cities. If you don't work with someone of them for a long time, they may "come down hard" on you.


4.Guards - The Farm Keepers

- "Dragon Lee" - A Hong Kong-born, one of the best revolver shooters. Wanted by the Chinese police, has unprecedented accuracy and striking skills.

- Hakeem "The Brick"  - He received his nickname for the special cruelty shown in the boxing ring in his youth. There is no mercy when he has the Winchester in his hands.

- "Ice pick" Benny - hacks rivals on the spot. Sly and cold-blooded, a member of the Jewish community, is widely known in narrow circles for his ruthlessness. The machine gun is always with him and in combat readiness.

- Salvatore "Napoli" - Former member of the Sicilian mafia, was repeatedly brought to justice for smuggling, but was released on bail. Tommy-gun - His middle name. He knows how to catch the enemy by surprise.

- Stepan "Cossack" - kind of Zaporozhian Cossacks, the balls of steel, it's about him. Passed the First World War and since nobody saw with no gun in the hands – pure professional.