Bootleggers Wikia




1. What to start?

Start the game by building all the items available in the shop by dragging them to the field. Customers will come to the farm, click on them to see their orders. Prepare beer or kvas for them. If you lack ingredients, then click on the field and plant the lacking seeds.

2. How to save the game progress?

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3. How to get gold coins for free?

You can get gold coins for free by executing tasks in the game, such tasks can be found in the mailbox. You can earn gold coins by hitting the targets in the shooting gallery.

4. How to produce illegal drinks?

In order to start producing illegal drinks you shall open the producing building table, drag the barrel to the center or in the box.

- Use the brewery to produce beer and kvass.

- Use the winery to produce wine.

- Hard liquors (vodka, cognac, gin and) are produced with the use of the moonshine still that is located in the Cellar.

You shall have all the ingredients in order to produce it. You can grow the ingredients on the field or buy them from Tom Dollar.

5. Where can I see the list of ingredients?

The list of ingredients will be shown, if you click on the barrel in the Orders menu or in the Brewery, Winery or Cellar.

6. What shall I do, if I have no more seeds?

Tom Dollar visits the farm, he sells seeds and buys drinks at a discount price. Using the Clan’s table you can also ask a friend from your clan to sell you the alcohol, which you need for an order.

7. How can I protect myself against robberies?

In order to protect yourself against robberies you shall level up the weapons of your character, buy and improve skills of the mercenaries. If you don’t want to be raided at all, then you can use gold coins to buy a Shield that protects against raids.

8. How to earn money?

- Execute orders shown on the map

- sell drinks to customers visiting the farm

- in case, if you urgently need money or if you need to get rid of the old supplies, then you can sell them at a discount of 50% to Tom Dollar, he is the buyer visiting the farm

- rob other players

- execute clan orders

- sell alcohol to friends through the clan shop

9. How to rob another player?

In order to start the robbery press the Battle button (it is located in the lower right corner), then press “Robbery”. The opponent will be found and the battle will start. If you win, then you will have 10 seconds to rob by clicking on all of his objects located on the field.

In order to become a successful battler you shall improve your weapons, hire guards, use grenades and other bonus weapons.

10. My storage or stash house is full, what shall I do?

In case, if your warehouse is full, then check if it can be enlarged. If it can’t be, then you shall remove the excessive or not important items from it by clicking on them in the warehouse.

If your stash is full, you can enlarge it by paying gold coins at any time.

11. How can I remove trees and other decorations from the farm?

You can cut down the tree by clicking on it and holding the button. You can remove excessive decorations from the farm by clicking on it and holding the button, then a window will appear in which you shall press the "Recycle bin" button.

12. What are the aging stars?

Hard liquor drinks that are produced in the cellar shall be aging in special barrels. Depending on the period of aging the drink can get 1-5 aging stars.

13. How to join a clan?

In order to join a clan or to create it you shall buy the Clan’s Table, which becomes available when you reach level 13.

14. How can a clan be helpful for me?

Joining/creating a clan provides you with the following opportunities:

- to execute clan orders

- to participate in clan battles

- to communicate in a separate chat

- to sell drinks in the clan shop

15. How to improve weapons?

In order to improve your weapons you shall enter the character menu, press the Upgrade button and buy points that you can spend on improving Damage and Accuracy of the weapons.

16. How to deliver goods to other cities?

In order to deliver goods to other cities you shall buy the Truck. In the course of the game new cities and new trucks will be unlocked and shown the menu located in the left lower corner of the map.

There are three roads to each city, there will definitely be the police patrol on one of these roads. If a truck gets arrested, then a play can bribe police or Sheriff to make police “forget” about him. Otherwise the truck will be confiscated in 12 hours.

17. How to play with a friend?

You can invite your friend from a social network and play with him in the same clan together.

18. What do I need gold coins and vouchers for?

- Gold coins are used to buy bonus weapons, clothes, decorations and to save time spent on building, producing, delivering.

- There are also particular types of weapons, clothes and decorations that are sold only for Vouchers that are indicative of the fact that the player has significant experience in battles and that he is successful in the game.

19. How to get planks?

In order to get planks you need to grow and cut down an oak. You can make 5 planks out of one oak.

20. Can I communicate with other players?

You can communicate by means of the game chat, just press the phone icon located near your character.

21. How does contraband work?

When you reach level 32 you get an opportunity to buy a tunnel from Mexico to smuggle. Player gets money for delivering cargos in different cities, price depends on the risk level.

22. What is “Shootout”?

Shootout is a tournament between players with different levels, all participants battle on equal terms, the strongest will win. Shootouts are conducted once a week. The best 10 players get rewards in form of gold coins.