Bootleggers Wikia

This game has 4 types of real-time battles:

- Robbery

- "Shootout" tournament

- Funtime

- Clan battle - Rumble

In order to perform an attack you need to click on the enemy and drag grenades at him. In order to increase the chances to win, any player can improve weapons, hire guards as well as use such bonuses, as medkits, plugs and so on.


1.    Robbery. Available from the level 3.

Initially, you have 5 attempts to perform robberies, your will regain each such attempt in 1 hour after using it.

Robbery process:

1) Press the "Battles" button, then choose "Rebbery", then the matchmaking process will start selecting opponents that have the same skill in game as you.

Also, if a player gets robbed, then in his mail he will have a part of history with the “Revenge” button.

2) When the opponent is chosen, his guards will appear and the battle will start.

3) If the attacking player wins, then he will have 10 seconds to steal money by clicking on the buildings of the opponent.

As a result of a battle the attacking player will get money, experience and 1 red voucher. Also, if the player defends himself and survives, then he will get experience and 1 red voucher.

2. Shootout – tournament that starts from the level 7. Real-time 1х1 battles with equal power and equipment. Top 10 Winners of three-day competition get gold rewards. The Shootout ticket price is 1 Gold.

3. Funtime - From 6th level. Weekly training battles with gold reward. You need to win 5 battles in a row.

4. Clan Battle - Rumble.